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Welcome to Pratt's Answering Service Client Opportunities

Below you  will find a list of the types of Client's that offer opportunities.  If you click on the type of client you are interested in working with you will be directed to another page giving you more information about the opportunities available for that catagory.  Since a Non-Disclosure form will be signed by all CSP’s before viewing the list of client names, the names of the clients have been removed.   Once the registration process has been completed and this agreement has been signed you will have complete access to all current client names and opportunities.

Please note that the opportunity that you are interested in may not be available when you first register, but do not get discouraged the opportunity will open up again.

Fixing Roofs
Utility Pole

For these clients you will be providing top-level customer service for the leading DIY retail stores, setting up home warranties and repairs, helping customers keep their home entertainment services working properly. or competitively pricing electricity service plans, innovative energy efficiency options, renewable energy programs and other electricity related products


You have the option to work with several different departments with one  company that offers one of the most popular income tax preparation software packages and accounting packages used in North America or with a Financial Service Company

Towing Set-Up

You will have the opportunity to work with one of the two clients in this category.  One working directly working with the client customers the other working with business to business department,

Medical form with stethoscope

You will have the opportunity to help these clients customers with their fitness needs, insurance billing questions, medical transportation and helping with the rollout of the Covid 19 Vaccine.

Woman Shopping

You will the opportunity to work with several different retailers including home improvement chains, high end luxury market retailer, bookstores and sporting good stores.

cruise ship on island
Timeshare Sales
Amusement Park
Carefree Drive

You will have the opportunity to help customers book, cruises, theme park vacations, booking a resort, taking dining reservations, setting up timeshares, and booking car rentals, or you would able to act as a switchboard transferring to different departments with in the client that you choose.

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